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OK, listen up. I know I haven't updated this page in months, but since I finally got a Graph-LINK, I feel motivated!! Programs are gonna start flooding in!!

Fritz's Awesome TI-82 Calculator Page

My name is Fritz Mahnke. I am 13 years old. I am just another loyal TI fan that wants to provide resources for my fellow TI lovers out there. See, if you're in your teen years, you know that you have to have something to do after your work is done. Teachers think I'm doing math, and some of them have even been known to play a round or two after I'm done.

This page is totally dedicated to the TI-82 graphing calculator. This wonderful piece of equipment, developed by Texas Instruments (hence the initials), was first made to enrich our education. However, it was inevitable that the human race would beat the system and develop games for it. A note: if you see any misinformation or other stuff wrong on this page, tell me about it.

Table of Contents

TI Accessories
Pictures for the 82
Other Useful Files
My Wish List
My Other Sites

TI Accessories

The TI Graph Link

The TI Graph Link is a component for the TI line of calculators that allows you to connect your TI to an IBM compatible or Mac through your parallel port (The wide port on the back (of the PC anyway) that your printer (if applicable) is probably connected to (revenge of the parentheses)) :) It allows you to share programs and other data between your calc and your computer (and believe me, you'll wish you had the Graph Link when you start typing in mega-big programs and you can't find the menu that a certain command is nested in). TI sells it for about $40. For more info, contact TI's web site.

For those of you who don't want to shell out big bucks, you can build your own link (that's what I did). You'll need the following, all of which you can get at Radio Shack:

Quantity Part Name
2 3.3k resistors
1 LED (or something with about 2V drop)
2 4.7V zener diodes (Radio Shack 5.1volt Zener Diodes work fine)
1 330 ohm resistor

You'll also need the schematic. If you're not into schematics, click here for a graphical view of what the link will look like.

I am now selling these Graph Links. You can purchase one for $25.00. Send check to:

Fritz Mahnke
502 Plantation Dr.
Simpsonville, SC 29681

Please specify the calculator to make the link for.


If you want to submit a game to this page, email me. A note about the file formats used: whether they are UUE's, 82p's, or 82g's, they can be used with the TI Graph Link Software (available for download from TI's Web Site). Remember, from the File menu, select "File Utilities" to bring up a sub-menu. Ungroup 82g's. UUDecode UUE's. Just File|Open the 82p's.

Reviewed Games

Hell - This is the best game for the TI-82 I've ever seen. It's much faster than Doom, has an automap, two different weapons, you name it! It's really entertaining! If the author gives the game long-range shotgun support and enemy graphics (which he mentioned), then this game will be more than perfect. Users can create their own WAD files for use with the game. Upload them to me! This game is a winner! Rating: *****

Fatal Kombat - This is a Mortal Kombat clone. It uses the text mode and stick figures. It would be really entertaining except the special moves and finishing moves don't work well. It takes up about 1/3 of the calc's memory, so use of a Graph-Link is recommended. Rating: **

Cannon - Cute little game where two cannon's shoot each other from over hills. The only things are the lack of terrain destruction and the limited AI. Not too good. Rating: **

Golf - This is the best (and only) golf sim around. It's entertaining for the first 100 holes you play, but it tends to get old later. Try it out, it's worth the type-in or link time. Rating: *** 3/4

Arkanoid - This one is actually pretty good. Use your paddle to bounce a ball into blocks and destroy them. A little choppy, but a good game. Rating: ****

Donkey Kong - A text-graphics rendition of the old arcade classic. If it had used the graph's graphics capabilities it would have been better. Pretty good though. Rating: ***

Ultimate Pong - Another version of Pong. This is actually pretty good, for what it is. The AI computer paddle is smart, so this game will keep you challenged. Rating: *** 3/4

Robowar 2022 - This is one of the best games out there! It's flashy, fun, and distracting. The only drawback is the low replay factor. Get this one, it's great! Rating: **** 3/4

Duel - This is a really neat little game where two players control two different lines and try to avoid hitting each other or the walls. The duel is divided into rounds and the calc keeps score.

Tetris - The arcade classic. This one is decent. It would have been better if it had been faster, and had a few extra features like a high score table, and extra levels. Someone improve on this concept, and e-mail it to me! Rating: *** 3/4

Breakout - This one is incredible! 35 different levels, and a smooth ball motion. It's like Arkanoid, but way better. Get it! My only complaint is that the one-pixel ball is too small to see sometimes. Rating: **** 1/2

Blackjack - This is the best Blackjack game I've ever seen for a calculator. It keeps track of your money and plays by the rules. It gets old after a while, though. :) Rating: *** 1/2

Alleyway - A poor version of Arkanoid. Not worth the type-in. Rating: **1/2

Doom 1.9 - This is an honest effort at Doom for the TI-82. It has enemy graphics, a 3D perspective, and an automap. However, it is really slow, and I haven't found a way to beat a level. Try again, guys! Rating: ***

Doom 3 - This is a little bit faster than Doom 1.9, but there are no enemies, so what's the point? C'mon, can't someone create a mix of both worlds? Rating: **

Sonic Fighter - You control a little ship and try to destroy these asterisks with your sonic beam. You get points for staying alive. This is fun for a few minutes in class or a short car trip, but it's not a breakthrough. Rating: ***

Archery - Just what it says. You try to shoot the arrow at the target as it moves down. Becomes predictable after a while, but worth a try. Rating: ** 1/2

Scorched Earth - A game where two players (or one and the computer) have tanks and shoot each other from over hills. This looked promising, but I got an Error: Syntax message before I could shoot. If you have a version that doesn't do this, please send it to me.

Dragon - This one's OK. You kill about 90 enemies and then go to fight the dragon. Repetitive, but not bad. Rating: *** 1/4

Plaidman - This one was not my type of game. It is text-based, and the same every time you play it. Replay value is zero. Rating: * 1/2
Plaidman 2
Plaidman 3

Zorma II - I took a couple, steps, killed a couple enemies, and quit. I couldn't figure out how to play. Someone help me.

Super Pipe Dream - This is the classic game where you lay pipes down to avoid spilling sewage. Very sophisticated. I like it! Rating: ****

Boxworld - This one is a neat puzzle game. Push boxes to cover little X's. You can create your own levels after you're done with theirs and distribute them! Note: When you put this on your calculator, don't run the BOXWORLD program, run LEVELS. Rating: **** 3/4

Battle Tech - This one gave me an Error: Syntax message. If you have a version that works, please share it.

Maze Master - This one is very good. You get a top down view of a maze. Find the key and then the exit. You can make your own mazes if you're up to it. Rating: *** 3/4

Maze Master II - The sequel to Maze Master, this one is 3D. It's slow, though, pouring some of the original fun down the drain. Rating: ** 3/4

Puzzler 2 - Tetris for the TI-82. The best Tetris game I've seen so far. It's pretty good, but could use some more features. Rating: ** 1/2

Rapid Fire - A space invaders-type game. Good for one play, but one play only. Rating: * 3/4

Extreme Skiing - This is like all the other race games on this page, except you ski instead. Good, since it has unlimited courses! Rating: ***

Snake 2 - This is that old classic where you are a snake eating the pellets to get longer. Really good. Rating: ****

Star Trek: The Next Generation - This has really awesome graphics, but it's not true to the real Star Trek. It plays kind of like RoboWar 2022. It's worth a try. Rating: *** 3/4

Tunnels of Terror II - Move left and right down a scrolling tunnel full of enemies. OK game. Rating: ***

Thetaman - A PacMan clone. Really not bad. Rating: ****

Ultimate Pong - This is the best ping pong game available for the TI-82. The calculator's artificial intelligence is good, and there are several skill levels. Rating: ****

Zorma - OK game, but repetitive. Go through corridor after corridor, and destroy enemy after enemy until you reach the final boss. Rating: ***

Darwin's Dilemma - Push the numbers together until only one is left. Neat game!! Rating: *** 3/4

Race 3 - The hottest, fastest racing game for the TI-82. This one never gets boring (at least not for awhile :)). Rating: *** 3/4

Mancala - Some strange puzzle game. How does this work?

Indy 500 - Another great racing game. Try it out! Rating: ****

Wak A Rat - Hit the Theta symbol when it pops up. Pointless after five minutes. Rating: **

Snake 4 - The fastest snake game, but not the best. Rating: ** 1/2

Hockey - Hockey game. Zero challenge. Rating: *

Poker 2 - Another good Poker game, but I've seen enough of these. Rating: ***

PicLib 10 - This utility lets you store more than six pictures on the calc. Very useful. Rating: ***** NOTE: I've got a little project for those who are up to it: download Doom 1.9. Create pictures to replace the walls. Use this utility with Doom 1.9. That way, it'll be faster cause the pictures are recalled instantly, while the walls have to be drawn right now. Upload it here.

Drugwar - Fantastic game. Buy and sell drugs. Morally screwed, but worth a try. Rating: *****

Duckhunt - Just like the Nintendo game. Never gets boring! Worth the type in or link time (0:00) :) Rating: **** 1/2

TI-82 Icons for Windows - What's the point?

Pictures for the 82

These are all the pictures I have downloaded. Check 'em out.

Cindy - Cindy Crawford.

Cindy2 - Another Cindy.

Jennifer - Jennifer.

Scaryman - Scaryman from Metallica.

Boom - Mushroom Cloud.

Other Useful Files

Translate - A useful program to convert .85p files into .82p files.

If you have suggestions for more files to go here, send them by e-mail.


Q. Clicking on the game name doesn't download them.

A. Hold Shift down when you click, or set up a helper application in your browser (read the docs).

If you have a problem, please tell me about it.

My Wishlist

* An 83, 85, or 92 or money for one. I'd like to review those games as well.

If you can help me with any of these, please email.

My Other Sites

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